They thought they knew her well, the men who loved her...
It was a fatal assumption.
She was born Judias Anna Lou Welty to impoverished parents in Quana, Hardeman County, Texas in 1943.
To her first husband she was Ann Schultz of Rosalind, New Mexico-- a nineteen year-old nursing student with a six month-old illegitimate son. The husband died under mysterious medical circumstances four months after returning home from a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1971.
To her common-law husband, she was Judy Goodyear-- a veteran's well pensioned widow, and mother of three from Orlando, Florida. He died of unexplained medical complications in 1978.
To her first-born son, she was the mother he could never please. Partially paralyzed by unexplained toxic exposure while home on leave from the Army, he drowned at the age of nineteen during a family canoe outing with his mother in 1980.
To her fiance' she was Dr. Judias Buenoano-- a wealthy Gulf Breeze, Florida beauty salon owner who enjoyed expensive clothes, fancy restaurants, and Caribbean cruises. On a June night in 1983, he left her dinner party early, and barely survived when his car mysteriously exploded...
To a shrewd Pensicola, Florida police detective, she was a serial killer who profited from the painful deaths of her insured "loved ones". It took over two years of intensive local, state, and federal investigation and the exhumed bodies of her long-buried victims to prove it...

In March, 1984, a Santa Rosa County, Florida jury convicted Judias Buenoano of drowning her nineteen year-old crippled son and grand theft insurance fraud.
In October, 1984, a Pensicola, Florida jury convicted her of the attempted murder of her fiance' by bombing.
In November, 1985, she was found guilty by an Orlando, Florida jury of the murder of her first husband by arsenic poisoning, and sentenced to the death penalty.
In March 1998, after 13 years on Florida's death row, Judias Buenoano became the first and last woman to be executed in Florida's electric chair.

BODIES OF EVIDENCE chronicles the true but incredible detective mystery from crime scene, to investigation, through trials and final execution in a chilling portrayal of one of America's most notorious female serial killers...

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