By Sharon McGehee & Evie McMurray

Forever Robert is a contemporary psycho-drama murder mystery set in Manhattan's shabby-chic Chelsea.The film opens as the lifeless body of prominent psychiatrist and gay activist, Robert Maxwell, falls from the balcony of his posh private townhouse into his olympic-sized indoor pool. The camera pans slowly upward to reveal Tracy Wingate, Maxwell's 21 year old niece, trembling at the balcony beside the master's barking Neapolitan Mastiff. Renata Wingate, Tracy's jet-set socialite mother, and sister to Maxwell, discovers the grisly scene. NYPD Detective Tony Russo arrives at the scene of the accident/murder to begin an investigation that leads him through a labyrinth of the darker side of New York's S&M homosexual world and the deepest secrets of the eccentric Maxwell family.

Seduced and intrigued by both the sexually provocative mother, and the seemingly innocent daughter, the unsophisticated Brooklyn detective finds himself immersed in a private world of wealth and decadence that challenges his deepest moral convictions, and renders him an unwitting pawn in a complex web of murder and deception.

"FOREVER ROBERT" is a highly original and classy script that has the potential for major theatrical film release reminiscent of the classic "Chinatown".

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